The Kosto Group company renders the following types of work:



Before proceeding with the manufacture of the product, it is necessary to perform accurate preliminary measurements and evaluate the necessary work. Our experts take into account all the features of the premises and the characteristics of the object. To achieve maximum accuracy, we use Leica laser equipment, which allows us to achieve high quality and reliable measurements.

Design project, visualization

DSCN0982[1].JPG Having extensive experience working with natural stone, having high qualifications, our design specialist is able to complete a project of any complexity - from a simple kitchen worktop to creating interiors of hotels, business centers, etc. The creative potential of our designers allow you to create interiors that fully meet your requirements and preferences. Computer 3-D visualization is the most effective way to visually show a customer a realistic design project. Due to its natural beauty, a unique palette of colors, strength and durability - natural stone will be the perfect decoration for your interior.

Manufacture of products


All work is carried out on high-precision Breton equipment, which allows the processing of natural stone of any degree of complexity.

  • Production of flat products: window sills, countertops, steps, bar counters, partitions, pallets, etc.
  • Production of architectural products of complex shape: vases, columns, shells, balusters, railings, sculptures.
  • Production of marble panels.
  • The manufacture of plates for facing facades of various processing (polishing, thermo, beading, glossing).

End Processing Profiles

profil-0003.jpg Profile №1
profil-0007.jpg Profile №2
profil-0010.jpg Profile №3
profil-0011.jpg Profile №4
profil-0015.jpg Profile №5
profil-0016.jpg Profile №6
profil-0017.jpg Profile №7
profil-0019.jpg Profile №8
profil-0021.jpg Profile №9
profil-0022.jpg Profile №10
profil-0023.jpg Profile №11
profil-0024.jpg Profile №12
profil-0005.jpg №1+под 90°
profil-0004.jpg №1+№1
profil-0006.jpg №2+№2
profil-0008.jpg №2+№1
profil-0013.jpg №4+№4
profil-0009.jpg №2+45°
profil-0012.jpg №4+№1
profil-0014.jpg №4+№5
profil-0001.jpg №5+№5
profil-0018.jpg №5+№5
profil-0020.jpg №8+№1
profil-0002.jpg №8+№7

Sale of plates, material on order

DSCN1007[1] (1).JPG Our company is pleased to offer its customers not only the manufacture of products, but also the sale of finished granite, marble slabs, as well as slabs, limestone, travertine in standard sizes. (305x305x10 mm, 300x600x20 (30) mm, 600x600x20 (30) mm). If the necessary material or volume is not available at the warehouse, then we will supply the goods as soon as possible. Delivery times vary by country.


IMG_1530.JPGLifting the material. There are certain rules for the transportation of finished products of natural stone, because it is a rather complicated and difficult process. The products must be transported on specially equipped vehicles that have a rigidly fixed rack in the form of a pyramid. In our arsenal there are the necessary cars, equipped according to all safety requirements.


IMG_5760 - Copy.JPG Our company employs highly qualified specialists whose work experience allows us to competently and efficiently perform installation work of any complexity in facades and interiors cladding. The company's specialists install window sills, countertops, bar counters, as well as carry out stone cladding of vertical and horizontal surfaces: floors, walls, staircases, fireplaces, etc. We offer laying granite pavers, landscaping and paving paths.

Facade cladding

Изображение 222.jpgWe carry out all types of work cladding facades with natural stone. Highly qualified specialists of KoSto Group have extensive experience working with any method of facade cladding with natural materials: natural and artificial stone, granite, ventilated facade systems, installation of elements for decorating facades (balls, curtain rods).

Polishing and restoration

IMG_5795 - Copy.JPG

We offer cleaning, preservation, restoration and polishing of marble, granite, onyx, travertine, limestone, concrete. We carry out all types of work on horizontal and vertical, as well as embossed stone surfaces: floor coverings, countertops, window sills, stairs, walls, columns, sculptures, etc. We perform the following services for surface treatment of natural stone: grinding, crystallization, polishing, impregnation with protective compounds.